Saturday, October 29, 2011

2 Week Count Down to Wedding

Here we go!!!! Just two weeks from today and my adopted daughter is getting married!! Then two weeks later we move!!!! YIKES

I am really nervous about doing this BUT... I am putting my etsy shop in vacation mode!!! Starting on Nov. 2nd!! It will most likely be in vacation mode until the end of December so if you would like to make a purchase be sure to do it before Nov. 2nd.

I hope this will not effect my shop the way others have said it would... biting finger nails on this one :-/
I am so happy with the amount of orders I have had and have been blessed with wonderful customers :)

I am sill going to keep up with my blog, so be sure to keep following me :))

Here are a few more things I have made for the wedding... take a look...

I think I have mentioned that the wedding is a rustic country theme, for these cute mason jars I took out my handy wood burning tool to monogram these wooden hearts.... love it :)

I found a pretty inexpensive set of glass votive at Hobby Lobby and I just wrapped some burlap around them and tied a coordinating bow in the wedding colors to countrify  them a little :)
( I know, I know, that countrify is not a "real" word but it just fits so perfect here :)

Here is a set of 8 of them, I think they will be sooo pretty lit up!

Stay tuned for more pictures of decorations, I have been busy this week making some very rustic pew bows, with less bow and more twigs/wheat stems, and I like them too :)


  1. Just beautiful!! have a lovely time and a wonderful move :D

    countrify is a word - :)
    webster's dictionary 1913

    you know than you think ;)

  2. These are really cute! What a great idea! I love weddings but hate moving! Hope all goes well for both!

  3. Hi Kipppy :) I LOVE that the word is in a dictionary :)))

  4. Thanks Donna!! I love looking at your blog... it is soooo pretty!

  5. Lovin' those votive candles! I can't wait to see what all you've been up to. A wedding and a move? Good gravy girl, what happened to stress management? *laugh* If you give me a nudge when you "get back" in your Etsy shop, I should have a custom stamp order for you (I got a little sidetracked there ;o)

  6. Love love love the wood! :)
    Burning the edges added such a nice touch!