Friday, January 28, 2011

Tea custom turned out pretty cute!

I have had this cute little tea pot and cup set listed in my shop for a while. This week I had a request for the set but with a date and initial in the middle of it. I really like the way it turned out and thought I would share :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A 4" custom stamp!

I had a request for a 4" tractor stamp that I just finished tonight. I have a cute little tractor stamp in my shop and someone wanted it carved quite large to use for a border in a child's room. How cute it that! I sure hope I can get some pictures of the finished project :-) About 6 months ago someone also requested a large monkey stamp to do the same thing so I thought I would share both pictures.

My fun little Cricut

I have been spending a little more time playing... when I say a little I mean it. My time has been so limited... so much I want to do! I have ideas just running through my head :-) I have stamps, crochet ideas, and now this Cricut... So, I made this love letter for my husband. I learned a lot making this card. First, it does matter what kind of adhesive you use. I tried a high quality water based glue that when dried made my card hard and non flexible, I was pretty sad :-(  I looked around different sites and did a little reading about glue. I now have some new adhesive that I am going to try next time. Over all I like the way the card turned out, I like the diagonal pattern and the illusion I created with it, and I think my husband will like that I wrote him a love letter ;-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine cards using my own hand carved stamps ;-)

My dear little porcupine was begging me to use him in a project of some kind. He looks so unsure that his heart will be excepted by the love of his life... so I thought of the check yes or no idea from years back. Such a great idea it was! :-) No need for face to face rejection, just see where the check is placed :-)

My Kiss and Pucker stamp designs are my personal favorite!

I am frequently sealing letters to my husband with these stamps! He is often out serving our country and away from home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Etsy discount for Valentines

My new blog special is a 10% discount off your entire  purchase!! This does not include shipping. All you have to do is enter this coupon code at check out:    FEB14      and your discount will automatically be calculated!!! This offer expires Feb 14, 2011 so be sure to act soon!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am so excited about my new Cricut cutting machine!! My mom was visiting us here for Christmas and gave me this fun little gift! The cartridge it came with has given me this desire to collect many more! The part that killed me is the price of these little cartridges! But.... Hobby Lobby had them 30% off last week so I bought two! I thought that was great, until I did a little on-line shopping and found the same cartridges at Amazon for an even larger discount WOOOHOOO!! I am so glad I did not open the boxes from Hobby Lobby!! So back to the store they went and I was able to buy 4 cartridges for just a little more then what I paid at Hobby Lobby for 2 (and that was with the sale price)! I LOVE a great deal!
So now I am watching my mail box and patiently (well, not so much) waiting for them to come in so I can have even more fun!
 My two children are trying very hard to take my little treasure Cricut away from me. Now, I am all about sharing but this is MY toy... right?? Well, kind of... you know how it is when you are having so much fun and thinking something is soooo cool you just want to share it with your kids, so I did. It did not take long however for my 10 year old to teach me about the sticky mat and what makes it not sick any longer. The wrong paper to use on it is construction paper, it will leave all kinds of tiny fibers on the mat and nothing will stick :-(  My lesson did not end there though, I researched on YouTube and found that the mats can be cleaned of with a baby wipe! A couple of swipes with the magic cloth and to my delight I had a sticky mat again and I am ready to roll!! This picture is one of the first projects I did with my Cricut. I embellished my laptop with these vinyl stickers!! Then I did my daughters.... Oh I love it when I find something new to embellish!!