Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A quick update on my neck issues, and my no stamp carving :(

Hi All! I have had many kind and concerned people ask me how the progress is going with my messed up neck issues, so I thought I would fill you all in. If you are new, I used to have an etsy shop where I sold hand carved rubbers stamps. I was having a great time with my shop, had many sales and got to create lots of custom stamps. I guess bending over a magnifying glass for hours on end day after day took its tole on my neck. People started telling me they would see my head shake occasionally. Some thought maybe I developed MS or some other neurological disease. I did see a neurologist and have been diagnosed with cervical dystonia. You can develop this by repetitive neck motion. Sometimes my neck will feel as though it will lock up... what a bummer! I have been in physical therapy for a several months now and there is improvement. Now, my heads shakes only when looking down, so there is progress. But, unfortunately, I will no longer be able to carve stamps like I once did. I will only make them for letterboxing, and not very often at that.  I am so sorry for those kind customers who have been asking me to carve for them, but I am just not able. Thanks for caring though... it means a lot.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My latest card swap, just for men

A card just for men... hmmm could not be anything frilly or pretty, this was going to be a challenge! Again, I used the web to spark inspiration and I found this GREAT tutorial :)
Unfortunately downloading the pattern would not work for me so I had to make my own template. These cards required A LOT of hand cutting... no cricut for these cards.  I do like the results though... let me know what you think.

I can't wait to see what I get back in this swap!

Monday, May 21, 2012

This is Rex, and his new crochet blanket!

Let me introduce you to Rex.  Rex was my son's 7th birthday present 5 years ago but now "belongs" to my daughter. My son got tired of feeding Rex after about a year and sold him to my daughter for $20!! LOL My daughter and Rex are great buddies; he runs right along side her while she is riding her horse and will follow her anywhere. One day my daughter was going for a swim with her horse in a pond (which I just love to watch) and Rex would not leave her side. He was completely exhausted but continued to follow her into the pond. I watched in disbelief as his head starting going under, he was so fatigued but he would not get out of the pond unless my daughter was out. I have never seen such a loyal dog. Needless to say, my daughter did leave the pond and loyal Rex got lots of love from her, as he does every day.

I thought Rex needed a really nice cover for the new dog bed we got him a few weeks back. Of course, it needed to be crocheted :)

Rex loves his new blanket!! :0)

Just in case you are wondering, Rex is a mixed breed dog. His mom was German Shepherd  and there is no telling what dad was :)

Also, still working on the table runner....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A little lace to my rustic western table

A few years ago I took a common dining table and transformed it to something that fit our family. I took a wood burning tool, a chain, a drill, some stain and iron cowboy boots and went to work. I made over my table into a western, rust, don't care if my kids spill or bang on it because it just adds character kind of table. I have really loved it.

 I have decided to crochet a table runner; I want something that will add a special touch for those nights we have company or a special family dinner.   I searched all over the net for just the right pattern. I wanted it pretty with an old western feel, lacy but not Victorian looking and would go nicely with the rustic decor of my home. I found this pattern

I am using Aunt Lydia's #3 thread in natural

This just may take a verrrrry long time to complete... I have already made another quick project while working on this one :) I will definitely post pictures of the finished table runner... just don't hold your breath ;-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I was going through some of my pictures of  crochet items I have made and realized I have not posted soooo many of them :/  So... I have decided to do one post of my past projects that some how got neglected. Unfortunate, I have not taken pictures of so many projects I have made which I have given as gifts... what a bummer! but I take pictures now :)

This is a flip flop book mark that I crocheted out of #10 thread. Did not use a pattern on this one... just made it up as I went along :)

I still have this cupcake key chain, it is also made out of thread. It seemed like it took forever to make! This is another project that I just made up as I went. I am sure I made this more complicated than it needed to be :)

This kitty is one of my favorites :) I did not use a pattern with her either. I actually sold her to a woman in Italy when I had my etsy shop.

This fish I just mailed off to my friend in California as a gift for her baby girl. I did use a wonderful pattern for the fish and you can find it here
I made the fish using cotton yarn and used safety eyes 

This is a small wallet and chap stick holder that I made for my daughter. I have since made several chap stick holders for her friends :) No pattern to share on these, just made it up as I went along. I used thread on this project as well.

Purple tea or chess :) fingerless gloves

I made these pretty little wrist warmers a while back and never did share the results, but better late than never right?
I have several projects in the works right now, and am pretty excited to share them with you :) I should be done with one of them today, and the other... well, that project will take a while to complete. Pictures will be coming soon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A crochet top and date night

I made this adorable little crochet halter top a while back and recently had the opportunity to wear it out on the town. My husband and I had one of our wonderful date nights, we went out to eat at a new restaurant in the area called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. The food was great! We were even entertained by the waiters and waitresses breaking out in Greek dance while fire was blown from the mouths of other waiters and it all ended with the crashing of plates as they were thrown onto the floor. It was so cool!

 I got the pattern for this top from Patons Designer Series, it is actually the same top that is featured on the cover but I added several more rows onto the bottom (did not want my belly button to show, lol) and unlike the cover, I did wear an undershirt :) I used a variegated brown for the bottom portion and a matching solid brown for the top. I did use Patons brand yarn for this project.