Monday, March 28, 2011

After 6 months serving our country my husband is HOME!!!!!

I have not posted in a while, I have been sooooo busy preparing for the return of my husband!!! YIIIIPPPEEEEEE !! It is hard to describe the emotions and gratefulness of his return. Tears flowed as my son ran up to his daddy and just hung on!!

The way a military member returns home is somewhat secretive and the family is never really sure what the day will be. There are always changes and unexpected glitches. So, it is always best not to say anything to children about times and dates until they are in the USA... and even then delays can happen. My heart was beating fast for over a week now, knowing the time was coming. Did not sleep much, I never let myself feel as though he was safe until I actually saw his face. Once I did though, tears of relief were shed! I am soooo glad he made it home!!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sew busy :-)

I have spent a lot of time on this recent project of mine. I actually did this one for myself... kind of based on necessity. I searched the local stores for spring/summer  pj's that are cute but not revealing. I do like to look cute :-) for my husband of 17 years... but I do have kids. So, the see-through little nighties and the super short shorts  that are so popular in the stores are not on option for me... not that they would be anyway. I just wanted something that I can walk around my home in that would cause my husband to smile when he looks at me yet not gross my children out :-) You think this would be an easy find, after all I do live in an area with a mall... but nooooo it was either sexy or muumuu! :-) I then went on line to see what I could find, and there are some cute pj's available but I am not willing  to spend over $70 on something to sleep in.  I thought, hmmmm I could make some and it would be much cheaper! The thing is, I do not enjoy sewing. I can sew, I am pretty good at sewing, I just do not like it all that much. But.... I do want to look cute :-) So, I found some great fabric at Hobby Lobby and started sewing. Even though I grumbled about how I dislike sewing the entire time I made these pj's I do like the results!

I do not understand why some of my pictures turn sideways? I do not see a way to turn them on the blog either.... sorry

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free item with purchase of stamp!!

My latest shop special is a free set of 10 Easter gift tags (shown above) with the purchase of any stamp in my shop! That is a $6.00 value!!

What you need to do to receive this offer is leave me a note at check out that says gift tag blog give away.
This offer expires on the last day of March