Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some lace, some ribbon.... Ooh La La

Been a busy busy week! As I mentioned, we will be making our final military move in a few months. We have been working on getting our little ranch sold for the past month and a half and it looks like it is sold YIPPEEEEE!!! We had to vacate our place :(  and finding a place to stay for a few months with horses, dogs and kids should have been a huge challenge, but by the grace of God it was not!! A friend of ours has a large ranch house and she offered to rent us a room and board our horses!! That was a relief! Normally, I would have just went a head and moved to our new state early but because my adopted daughter is getting married in November, she needed us to stay (her and her future husband will be moving with us). So, we found a place to hang our hats for a few months, all was looking good. Then came the news that our movers would be showing up 5 days before we scheduled them, which only gave me one and a half days to get all of my stuff organized!! And of course... my military man was in the middle of a base exercise and there was no way he could get off, so the kids and I were on our own. I ran a round like a crazy woman, throwing things in boxes that I thought we might need for the next 2 to 3 months. I packed my little car and ran back and forth dumping my stuff off in the room . I think the past few days had been the most stressful few days I ever had in my life!! Before I knew it, there were men trudging through my home again, packing up all of our belongings that will be going into storage until we find a home in our next state.         So, now it's all over, I am sitting here in my rented room, watching my kids play the Wee (they are loving that there is a Wee here :). I am still feeling a little displaced and frazzled but I know that too will pass in time. I have a little place set up to carve my stamps, which I have been working on.... I have a HUGE order, yippeeee :)

In the mist of all of this moving chaos, my adopted daughter had a lingerie bridal shower Thursday night. What fun!! She thought she would die of embarrassment :)))
One of the things I gave her are the garters that she will be wearing on her wedding day. Of course, hand made is always best :)  and thank the Lord I made these garters a few weeks ago, phew am I glad I did not procrastinate :)

I was totally hooked on this lace the  minute I saw it!! Isn't it pretty!!

Found some beautiful ribbon...

 I ironed the ribbon in half, got it all pinned in place and went on to sewing

This is the one she will keep... it has the special lace that I fell in love with

This is the throw a way garter, I made it a little different. I changed the lace, the bow and the charm

I wanted to present her gifts to her in something special

I found this adorable little suitcase in just the right colors and Ooh la la appeal :)

Under the first layer are the garters, under the second layer is the ooh la la :) I will just keep that one private :)

I made this cute little traveling tag using one of my stamps that is for sale in my shop. I actually made this stamp design a few months back just for this reason
I love the way it all came together :)

How cute is this cake!!! And yummmmy it was good :)


  1. Wow, and I thought I had a lot going on! You are a superwoman to have accomplished all of this so well and so quickly! Hope you're getting a bit of rest now! Wishing you the best of luck with finding the perfect new place. And good job on the garters ~ so pretty:)


  2. I know how moving can be...CRAZY...and especially when they don't come as scheduled and you have a life going on :) Your garters came out lovely and the suitcase is adorable. Enjoy this are making so many memories!