Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Tea Towel Weekend Project

I have become kind of obsessed with tea towels lately. I like the nostalgic feel of them, and the way they look hanging on a cute hook or over the oven bar. The weekend before last we had a spring storm blow in, it was one of those bummer snowy days because it is supposed to be warming up this time of year right??? Well not here, so in order to make myself feel better I decided to take the day and embroider a tea towel. A while ago I had made a pintrest board about my tea towel obsession so I looked to that for inspiration.
So, I started with a drawing I found online and a few colored flosses.

I have this little coffee/tea station in my kitchen so I thought it would be super cute to have a coffee themed tea towel to hang near it. 

It took about 7 hours from start to finish. Not a quick project, but it sure was nice to bundle up on a cold spring day and create something beautiful.
Hope your spring is warmer than mine has been :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Candy Hearts are my Favorite!! Turn them into a cute wreath!

I just love Valentines Day. I am not sure if it is all of the pastel colors, all of the sweet smelling candy, all of the gooshy feelings, or all of the sweet cards... it's most likely all of the above, I just love that day :) One of my favorite candies of all times in the yummy conversation candy hearts! They are just so good! So to commemorate  my love for these sweet candies I have made a simple, inexpensive, yet adorable wreath. 

Start with a styrofoam ring, I bought mine an Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon that you can get on their website. They have all of their Valentine's merchandise on sale too, so I purchased all of my supplies there.

I also bought a wooden conversation heart on a dowel and a package of hearts .

I removed all of the hooks and ribbon from the hearts.

I cut the dowel so that once poked into the ring it would stand in the middle. It is very simple to place it onto the ring, just poke it through the burlap and into the foam; it stays secure and stands straight up. I then made a little bow out of some ribbon I already had, I used yellow to match the heart in the center. I then hot glued all of the hearts around the ring. 

The last step is tying a ribbon at the top to hang the wreath on the door.

And that is it :) If you end up making one let me know, I would love to see how it turned out.

Monday, January 14, 2013

snow flakes outside, on my hand warmers, and on my nails

As I am writing this post I think our high outside is like 6 degrees.... brrrrrrr! We are having a few snow flurries as well but not just outside, they have manages to make it onto my nails and my hand warmers too! 
Snow flakes are very pretty so I decided to add a few onto my crochet in the form of these adorable buttons I found. Then, I used the nail stamps from Bundle Monster to create matching nails.... how fun is that!

For the fingerless mitts, I used a ridged pattern I created. Here again, if I can find the notes for the pattern I may make it available in the future 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A cute little hat and scarf

I was asked to make a little hat and scarf for a 4 year old girl and this is what I came up with.  I am loving the little hat :) I got the pattern here
and I just added a little color in. I did not use a pattern for the scarf nor did I write down what I did (I really need to get better at that).  I have a bad habit of scribbling down a pattern as I go, forgetting where I put it, and have even accidentally threw great patterns I created away thinking they were just doodles... oops : /