Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This little guy is soooo adorable!!

For a couple of months now my family has been volunteering at an animal sanctuary. There is the absolute cutest little creature there known as a baby alpaca! We had never had the opportunity before to see a baby alpaca... and wow is he adorable!! My husband now thinks baby alpacas are the cutest babies in the animal kingdom :)
I thought I would share these pictures today just because they make me smile, I hope they make you smile too :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My pretty purple and green spring bag/purse

I found my self in the mall a few weeks back browsing the purse department in Macy's... YIKES!! No way was I able or willing to spend high $$$$ for a spring bag!! So I thought to my self... why not make one (the light bulb went on :) I began my search for a cute crochet bag pattern, this took some time because there are a lot of wonderfully cute free bag patterns out there (but I loved the search). I decided I really liked this stitch pattern

The only problem was that the bag would not be sturdy enough to hold all of the things I keep in my purse, I think I actually have fit arms because of the weight of my purse :) !
So, it was time to get creative. I decided to only make the outer shell of the bag crochet and actually sew a sturdy fabric bag for the inside. I had this pretty purple leftover yarn from another project and thought that it was a nice spring purple color so I went with it. The only problem with this yarn is it is very soft and I was really worried (after I crochet the section I wanted) that it would not hold up well. I just hate that feeling of  Oh'no! I just waisted HOURS on something and it is not going to work!  I  had that feeling on this one. But, I went a head and planned out the fabric portion of the bag and pieced together a rectangular shaped bag and lined it with an iron on interfacing I also added reinforcement in the form of cardboard to the bottom. I did alter the crochet pattern for the purpose of having a bottom to the purse. I made a rectangle base before I started the pattern and just made it the size I wanted to bag to be, then I cut the fabric to match the size of the crocheted portion. 
I added a few interior pockets to hold my cell phone and lip gloss etc. I also added a few fabric flowers and a super cute purse charm I found at Michael's :)

I love your feedback :) let me know what you think

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colored eggs on my finger nails!

I really didn't think I would hand paint another design on my nails for quite a while. I thought it was going to be Konad stamping  for a few weeks at least. But I could not resist! I saw this cute and simple colored egg design on this artists website of course I did modify it a bit by only painting the eggs and not the bunny and basket, just to make it easier. I did not want to spent 2 hours painting this time :)

I am sure I will have to redo my nails before Easter... if you have any ideas for my next spring manicure post a link and I may give it a try and post the results :)