Monday, December 27, 2010

New stamps I have carved

Yea!! I do love homeschooling my children... but I do love our little breaks!! I have had a little more time to create and carve and am so excited about my new stamps! I have started a new collection in my shop called European inspired stamps. I know I have just a few followers, but I would love to have some feedback :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas stamp special ends Dec. 15, 2010

My new stamp special is by any stamp in my shop and get this stocking stamp for free!!!!
What you have to do is when you make a purchase there is a place for you to write a note to seller, just type in Blog December Special and I will include your free stamp with purchase.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I love penguins too :-)

For my invitations

Some of the ladies in our Sunday school class (including myself) decided it would be fun to get dressed up for our Christmas party. Since I was tasked to create the cards.... well... I volunteered to create the cards :-), I needed to find a way to include the dress up idea in the invitations. As I wrote the words out, I thought "How cute would that be to have high heel shoes and a tie stamp to go along with this!" Sooooo, off I went to my carving desk and this is what I came up with :-)
Yea... I am so excited with how they turned out!

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been working to have my Sunday school class Christmas party invitations ready to be mailed out. I am sooo excited about the party. I love getting dressed up (probably because I rarely get to dress up :-) not much call for high heels and an up-do here on the ranch :-)

So here are how the invitations turned out. These are hand made cards. I used my own stamps to create these. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out :-)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something new

I just carved a stamp that I really needed ;-)!! To: and From: stamp! Perfect for hand making those personal gift tags for all occasions!

I even got an early start with my tags, I know they will add a nice touch :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busy carving!! and loving it!!

 For the past week I have been busy designing and carving! I have had my mom here visiting and with her helping out with chores and reading with my kids I have had a little extra time to carve. I would really LOVE to know what others think of these new stamps :-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Captured by the past

As a home school teacher I have the privilege of teaching my children history. I absolutely LOVE the end of the medieval times and  the excitement of  renaissance period. I love the idea of chivalry, and romance :-) I have decided to carve some stamps that represent those times. These are just the first few... there will be more to come!

A few years ago we were able to take our children to the Medieval Times dinner show and castle in Florida. It was sooooo much fun!! We even hid a letterbox there! I think I will carve a stamp similar to the one I planted in the box there.  It is  a great show and neat letter box :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

New stamps

So, I just carved a few new stamps, here are a few pics :-)
I would love to know what you all think, and if you have any ideas for some new designs!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Free Crochet pattern fingerless gloves

When I first joined etsy I really hoped to sell more crochet items. I tried, and posted many things... they just did not sale. My stamps took off though! :-) I even designed my own fingerless gloves and sold the pattern on etsy. I had two buyers... not complaining, I am happy about that. I just do not want this cute little easy pattern to sit in my computer and not get used... sooooo I am posting it for free :-) I hope you enjoy, it is pretty easy to follow and the pics should help.

Lacey Crochet Fingerless Gloves
Size F hook
Med. weight yarn (4), shown in Red Heart Collage in Blue Wave
This pattern is for a ladies size medium
Abbreviations used:
St – stitch
 Slst – slip stitch
Ch – chain
Sc- single crochet
Bpsc – back post single crochet
Dc – double crochet
Fnst - Fan stitch – 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc, all in same space
Hfnst - Half fan stitch – dc, ch 1, dc, all in same space
Make 2
You will start with the cuff, it is worked in rows and then sewn together to make a tube.  You will work in the back loop to make a stretchable cuff.
Row 1: ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch1, turn (10 sc)
Row 2: sc in first sc, bpsc (picture#1) in the other 9 sc across, ch1, turn (10 sc)
Rows 3- 32: repeat row 2 (32 rows total) be sure to regular sc in first st, and bpsc in the other 9, this will give a ridged look (picture#2)
Fasten off leaving long tail for sewing.  Whip stitch together to make a tube. (picture#3)

Now you will begin the palm of the glove, working in rounds
Round 1: Attach the yarn with a slst to either end of the cuff,(picture#4) ch 1, sc in same spot slst was made, sc evenly around cuff for a total of 32 sc, join with slst to first sc
Round 2: ch2 (counts as 1st dc in fnst)(picture#5), dc in same st as slst, ch 1, 2 dc in same st (1 fnst made)(picture#6),* skip next 4 st, in the fith st (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) Fnst made* repeat from * to * 4 more times, skip 3 st, in the 4th st (1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc) hfnst made(picture#11), join with slst to top of ch2 at beginning of round (picture#7) (6 fnst, 1 hfnst)
Round 3:  slst in next dc, slst into ch 1 space (picture#8), ch 2(picture#9), dc, ch1, 2dc all in same ch 1 space (fnst),* fnst  in next ch 1 space * repeat form *to * 4 more times (picture#10),  hfnst in the ch 1 space of hfnst in previous round (picture#11), join with slst to top of ch2 at beginning of round (6 fnst, 1 hfnst)
Round 4-6: repeat round 3 (you can lengthen or shorten the glove at this point, if you have a smaller hand do not make as many rounds, if you want your glove to cover more of your wrist and forearms you can add more rounds.
Round 7: beginning of thumb opening: Continue same as round 2 until you complete 6 fans stitches, turn
Round 8:  slst in next 2 dc, slst in ch 1 space, ch2, dc, ch 1, 2 dc in same ch 1 space (picture#12).  Continue fnst around ch1 spaces (6 fnst) ch3; join round with slst to top of ch 2 of beginning of same round (picture#13), ch 1, turn
Round 9: slst in next 3 ch (picture#14),  slst in next 2 dc, slst in ch 1 space(picture#15),  ch2, dc , ch 1, 2 dc in same space,  continue fnst around in ch 1 sp for a total of 6 fnst, in 2nd slst work hfnst (picture#16), join with  slst to top of ch 2 at beginning of round
Round 10-11: Repeat row 2, fasten off and weave in all ends, glove complete ;-)!

Love this custom

I really enjoyed this custom  order. Maybe because it represents Air Force!! :-)  This is for a fellow letter-boxer. Happy Letter-boxing :-)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great feedback!!

I am soooo happy!! I received the nicest and most encouraging feedback from a lady I carved several custom stamps for.
This is what she said:
For custom work, I must say, phenomenal! just phenomenal !! Gettinghooked made my banner bunny and branch and flowers into stamps!! They are SO great to use - they are not on unwieldy blocks either -they are on HAND SHAPED hand carved wooden pieces that fit both the shape of the stamp, but fit your hand and finger tips!! LOVELY TO USE!!!! they feel like one is painting rather than stamping (sounds strange but it is SO WONDERFUL TO USE!@!!) they are SUPERIOR !! I cannot shout loud enough about the EXCELLENT workmanship, quality, artistry, professionalism and friendly customer service. A++++ - you CANNOT go wrong with a purchase from gettinghooked - this is my SECOND custom order! SUPERIOR! Thank you so very much!!!

How neat is that? !! :-)
Here are pictures of the stamps I made for her

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just for fun

Here is a picture of some of my working materials, most important though is the little friend I have that makes me smile and is always encouraging me in my crafts :-)

My first post, and Etsy special!

Welcome to my first post to my brand new blog!  Just for taking a look at my blog I am offering a blog special in my Etsy shop!! When you make a purchase of any stamp in my shop I will send with it a  free fall pumpkin stamp!! This stamp is perfect for your Thanksgiving cards and place settings! When you check out there will be a place for you to leave me a note, just put in that note free blog stamp. This offer will end on the 15th of November.