Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why I like White Dishcloths

As you can tell, I took a summer break from blogging....but not crocheting:) I have some really neat projects that I have made that I can't wait to share! They will show up on here as I have time to post. With summer over homeschool has started so that takes my time priority, but I will still make time to share:)

With all of the beautiful colors of cotton yarn available I always go for white when I make dishcloths for myself. The reason is simple, but it may freak some people out who are extremely environmentally friendly. I am a bleach freak in my kitchen, yes I admit it. I LOVE bleach :) Now don't get me wrong, I do recycle and have made smarter choices in relation to our environment, but I still hold on to my bleach. As far as I know there is just nothing else out there that kills germs as effectively as bleach and I am one who likes my kitchen bleach clean... maybe a little ocd about this but hey, my kids can eat off the counter (gasp, not that I would allow it) and I do not have to panic about what meat I cut up a few hours ago, or something like that :)
I found this really neat, easy to follow, fast work up granny square dishcloth pattern and am in the process of making, well, A LOT. My old cloths have had it. I could just go to Wal Mart and pick up some standard cloths but once you go crochet dishcloths there is no going back. Not only are they way pretty sitting on the side of the sink but they are durable, and did I mention pretty ;-)
So here is where you can find the pattern:

These are a few of my pretty white dish cloths, that can handle lots of bleach and remain stain free because of it :)

This is a different granny square pattern that I can not find where I got the pattern from :( but... if I come across it I will share.