Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sometimes simple is best... and this is how to make it

Sometimes we need a simple card to just say hi, to just let someone we know we are thinking of them. Nothing fancy, keep it simple and small. Sometimes simple is best.

Simple and super easy... here are the steps, and I will reveal one
 of my stamping secrets!!

First start with a cream colored card stock that measures 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 ... I buy a Pre- cut packet of them at Hobby Lobby... so easy!
Fold it in half

Now gather a few supplies for stamping on the image...
You will need crayola washable markers (part 1 of my stamping secret) the adorable bird stamp with shout out, can be purchased here
and a Q-tip
After lots of playing with stamps I have discovered a few tricks to inking and image transfer that I am going to share with you all :-)
Washable children's markers work GREAT for inking a stamp you want multi colored.They are cheap, they wipe right off of the stamp, come in all the basic colors and transfer beautifully onto paper. A little note of caution though.... I use the markers for cards and things that do not include photos... I am sure they are not photo safe. Also, if you are working on something that you do not want to last for a very long time these may not be your ink of choice. I am not sure how long the true color will last, not sure how much fading they will do over time.
Next, use the colors you choose to color right on the stamp. I colored the bird blue, the shout out black, the branch brown and the leaf green.
These markers are very wet, you should have plenty of time to color the stamp with out the ink drying.
If you were to stamp the image now you would end up with streaked uneven color, after trying a few different ways to make the color look just like a stamp pad was used I came up with a trick... step 2 of my secret :-)

Take a Q-tip and pat over the stamp, being sure to slightly turn the tip with each color so you do not transfer colors.

Line the stamp to the edge of the paper and transfer the image... just beautiful!! :-)
How cool is that!! I am so proud of my technique :-) A versatile and cheap way to stamp :-)

Next, I stamped the "hi" in the shout out. I have a set of very tiny letters that work great, but you can always hand write the "hi" and that would be great as well.

Because I am just using one color for the letters I used a black ink pad.
Next I broke out the cricut.

I used the song bird cartridge. I cut out the bird house with the flower cut out of the middle.
Now, if you do not have a cricut you can always cut out a house shape, I think that would look good also.

The next step is tearing off a light orange/yellow piece of paper and gluing it to the back of the bird house  so it shows through the flower. Add a little dab of glitter glue to the center of the flower, I used a copper color.  Then, use some thin ribbon and tie a bow leaving long enough ends to fit the card. Adhere the ribbon to the card, and adhere the bird house to the card just slightly over the ribbon. Finally, I colored in the birds belly with a colored pencil and dotted the birds eye with a fine black marker.

And there you have it! How easy is that? You may want to adhere you ribbon a little straighter  than I did though, lol :-)


  1. Very sweet card! I just followed you over from your etsy shop, and I am so glad I found you! Your rubber stamps are darling, and I have my eye on the jar and firefly set. It's so cute!
    I'm off to find a follow button!

  2. Fabulous!! Thank you so much for letting us know ;D