Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A horse and a hook

My daughter and some friends wanted to ride their horses at the local saddle club the other night so I thought yea.... crochet!! I am sure a horse and a hook just do not add up at first, but it really does make sense :-) You see, while my daughter rides horses I have nothing to do!! The nothing to do moments do not happen all that often so when  they do I try to sneak in something just for me. Sometimes crochet is like taking a nice hot bath; my muscles tend to release from stress with every stitch and my mind can just go to that "nowhere place"... you know, the place where all of the " I must do this, and I have to get this done" just fade away into the back ground and there is a temporary moment of peace. Yea, just thinking about it causes me to take a nice deep breath.

I was able to make a quick pair of earrings while my daughter rode, I am totally hooked on crochet earrings, I just love them! I have not yet tied up the loose ends in one of them but the other is ready to wear!


  1. Wow, I love your crochet earrings. They are just to cute and very creative. You are very talented. I just hearted your shop on Etsy. I love your stamps. They would come in handy when I make handmade cards.
    Smiles, Paula