Saturday, July 16, 2011

Finally Posted Some New Hand Carved Rubber Stamps!!

Been trying for over a week now to get these new stamp designs listed but with summer duties calling, you know, those pool side days and running here and there with the kids I just have not had the chance.
But  today it is raining here in South GA and I am on a rainy day schedule!! :-)) The day trip to the beach has been cancelled and I am sitting on my bed posting my stamps and listening to the relaxing sound of rain hitting the sky light, it really is a nice sound. Occasionally I hear the singing of tree frogs calling out to one another, in fact, my son found the cutest frog this morning sitting in a puddle on the trash bin, I mean he is CUTE!! Posted a pic of the baby frog as well :-) 
So, here they are, let me know what you think... I really love comments :-)

Grrrr, I do not know why some pictures load sideways!! :-(

For all of my fellow "hookers" :-)

steamy coffe in a to go mug

wheat stalk/plant
retro coffee grinder with coffee beans

Is this not the tiniest most adorable little frog ever!!! :-)


  1. Beautiful stamps!!!

    the frog really is the cutest, tiniest I have ever seen :)

  2. I have so many little scrap pieces of the pink stuff. I love that you make little stamps and make something beautiful with them!

  3. Thanks Raine and Kippy :-)!! I am so glad to hear from you both :-)

  4. Your stamps are so cute, I love them! My favorites are the Crochet On and the Coffee Grinder! The Sewing machine is so cute too.

    Love your work!