Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Etsy shop is closed

I am sad to say that I have closed my etsy shop. No more hand carved rubber stamps for sale by gettiinghooked :(
About 7 months ago my neck started hurting and at times it would actually cause my head to shake like fatigued muscles do after a hard workout. I have been to the Dr. and they are still in the process of running tests, I am not to worried that it is anything serious but I think I may have given myself  nerve damage by bending over a magnifying glass for hours a day. I just hope it is not permanent. So, by the Dr.'s suggestion, I am taking high doses of vit. B12 and am giving my neck a rest.

Despite my limited ability to carve stamps right now, I still hope to continue with all of the other crafts I am totally hooked on. So keep following me to see what my crafty heart comes up with. Crochet is top on my list right now, along with getting back to some fun swaps!

Of course, I will have to make the occasional stamp for my family's letterboxing adventures. Now that we are in a new place we are excited about planting some new boxes in the area :) We have found a few boxes already, take a look at our latest letterboxing adventure... we brought some of our new friends with us and they are now hooked on letterboxing too :)

Isn't this such a beautiful place to letterbox?? 
Thanks JeLyBean for planting these boxes in the Ute Valley Park.


  1. you take care! :) this is probably just temporary - the Lord is giving you a bit of rest - He has wonderful adventures in store :D

    hugs and Love to you and your family!

  2. I am sorry to hear about your neck, I hope it is resolved soon. You are multi- talented,so I am sure you will find something else to keep you busy:). Looking forward to seeing those projects...or, maybe, even having you join a swap or two on PCD.

  3. Sorry to hear about your neck. Taking a break sounds like a good idea. I had that problem with my right wrist when I use to cross-stitch a lot. I stopped for a long time, but finally got back to it. Little short projects now.

    I'd love to travel out there to do some boxin' but I should probably conquer my state first. LOL.

    Happy boxin' & feel better.
    aka Infin-T

  4. Just found your site via AltasQuest. Wow, these stamps are so beautiful. I really, really hope your neck is better? Truly wish I had your incredible gift!