Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little about our new place....

Hi to all of my blog friends! This post will be a little different, no rubber stamps this time :) I have had many ask about our new place and how my family is doing. Well.... we are doing good. My husband and I really like the area, there are lots of fun outdoor things to do that we both love like hiking! Lots of hiking in Colorado Springs :) My children, well, they do like it buuuut they really miss Georgia. We have had several teary nights. It is soooo hard for us to see our kids have broken hearts. I see them trying to make the best of it and stay positive the majority of the time but there is something about the sun going to bed that makes missing Georgia all the more prevalent.  We were stationed in Georgia for so long that many attachments were made for all of us and it is always hard being away from people and places you love.  It will just take time for them to feel like this is home. I met a really neat lady at church who just moved to the area also and she told me there is  a huge difference between being unpacked and feeling settled. We are unpacked and waiting to feel settled. But, we are off to a good start. We found a church that we really like and have already met some great people.  For me, I miss things being familiar, but here again, it will just take time.

Did I mention that there are lots of great places to hike in Colorado Springs? Here are a few beautiful places we have hiked...  

This is my daughter looking at the amazing view

A little hiking, a little cliff climbing... it is thrilling!

One of the best parts of living here is that this is the closest we have been to family in 13 years... this is a picture of my dad enjoying a nice walk with us, what a blessing it was to have him and my brother over for a visit now that they are within a days drive away.

And finally, this is me. Used to be my kids would bury me in the sand at the beach, now they bury me in the snow :) Believe it or not, the snow is more comfortable to be buried in! LOL

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  1. Colorado is a beautiful place for sure (love those mountains!) I don't think I could do snow anymore though; brrrr. Having been buried in both snow and sand (back in the day) I will agree wholeheartedly that snow is most definitely the lesser of those two particular evils. *laugh*

    Children are nothing if not resilient, so hopefully they'll acclimate quickly. Having family nearby is a definite bonus :o)