Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Williamsburg VA inspired these new stamps!!

As some of you may remember, when my husband returned from serving in Afghanistan for 6 months we took an exciting trip to Washington DC. We also toured Historic Williamsburg VA.... I am soooo HOOKED on this city!!
We got off the tour bus and stepped back in history. All of the citizens act as though they are living in the year 1774. Wow what a home school trip that was... I love live schooling :-)

I would like to introduce a few of my new stamps that were definitely inspired by our recent trip. But first, a few fun pics from Williamsburg!

This was in the fiber/yarn shop... I spent a lot of time in here...
It was great!!
This was the beautiful Apothecary Shop
Being served Hot Chocolate, it was like drinking chocolate syrup!!

Here is my husband at the blacksmith shop, he wants this gun to
ward off future gentlemen callers for our daughter :-)

Here are my new stamps.... let me know what you think.

This is my FAVORITE... I have this thing about ink and quill.
I bought two sets of quills and ink while there... pretty cool!

I will get a lot of use out of this stamp... I love to border tags and such to give a
vintage feel.

I don't know why some pics show up on their side here, but they do :-(
VA was full of beautiful gardens and birds. My husband loves this stamp.

All of the new stamps can be found in my shop!


  1. I love your new stamps. You are so creative. I also love exploring history. Smiles, Paula

  2. Great stamps!