Monday, August 29, 2011

Exciting weekend....

Here they are... my two rodeo champs!!
This weekend we had a banquet for the saddle club my daughters compete in... it was a proud moment for mama :)
My daughter, on the left, faced many road blocks this rodeo season and still managed to take reserve champion (2nd place :) !! Whooo hoooo. I could not be more proud of her! She had to deal with the very  traumatic death of her champion horse two weeks before the first rodeo of the season. The horses name was Shadow, she and my daughter fit together perfect. My daughter took her time and trained this mare herself. She even won a saddle with Shadow... it was a HUGE accomplishment. You see most of the kids that compete in rodeo buy very high dollar horses that are trained by someone other than themselves. Not my girl... she takes pride in her patient training and hard work and always give the horse the credit for her wins. She and Shadow were quite a team, she had a love for this horse that was strong and true. The story behind the death of Shadow makes grown men cry, it was a true tragedy. I may share this some day, but for now just know that is was heart breaking and a horrible thing for young girl to witness. My girl was determined to go to the first rodeo, I did  not think it was a good idea but we took her. She rode my husbands horse in the first event... it did not go so well. She could hardly see through her tears, she declared her hatred for Sable (husbands horse) and I decided it was best to go on home. A week later her daddy left to Afghanistan for 6 months. She was sad, it was so hard. About a week after he left she started working with Sable, my husband's horse. She worked daily with her and slowly but surly made progress. She competed in every other rodeo of the season and managed to take 2nd!! She worked so hard, and showed such grace through this trying time in her life. I reminded her yesterday that the Lord shined through her during the entire time. What a blessing.

My "adopted" daughter also won a buckle!! She took 4th place!! She was such a trooper through the entire season! She stood by me and my family and supported us and loved us through the hard times. I am so blessed to have these two fantastic ladies in my life.... thank you Lord! 

So... I did manage to carve a really cute custom order stamp this weekend. It is of the wedding rings but with names under the rings :) I loved the look and posted the personalized stamp in my shop.

The end of the month is here... if you have not yet entered the August giveaway be sure to go to the post and enter :)


  1. Awh, congratulations to your daughter, proud mama! So sorry to hear about the loss of her horse though:( I hope she's doing ok.


  2. Thanks Cindy! My daughter is doing great! Thanks for asking :)

  3. Congratulations to your girls! They are so blessed to have a supportive and loving Mom like you in their lives.
    Smiles, Paula

  4. Congratulations ladies! Your daughter sounds like my kind of horse person (I'm muddling along on my own with ours; took a pass on the whole trainer scenario ;o)
    Love that stamp!

  5. Congratulations!!! lots of hugs to your daughter and your whole family :) He always gives us the grace when we need it, not a moment too soon or too late!

  6. So happy your daughter is doing great in spite of such a heartbreak. She sounds like a real fighter & I'm sure she has a wonderful future ahead of her!

  7. Thanks everyone!! I appreciate all of your comments xxx