Thursday, June 30, 2011

My latest swap, fun in the sun, Cricut

As I mentioned before, I am new to this swap thing... but so far I am loving it, and am pretty well hooked!
The swap group I have joined is called Paper Crafting Diva's and is organized by a sweet person who takes a lot of time to make these swaps happen... you can see her blog here...
This swap was for  4 sets of Cricut cut images that can be used for cards. They had to be embellished in a minimum of two ways, and a sentiment needed to be included . 
This was a great reason to get more familiar with my Cricut. I really have wanted to use this cool cutting machine more often, and this was a perfect opportunity to do so. I really had a lot of fun with this! Take a look at what I came up with, and the card I made from the cut outs...

embellished with glitter glue polka dots

Also dotted the sun with glitter glue, and added glitter cheeks to the crab :-)

And this is the card I made with the same cut-outs. I just used a plain white card, and  colored the back ground with pastels... (I am hooked on pastels :-)

Makes me want to go out and play!!


  1. These are cute cuts. It will be fun to see what everyone does with theirs.

  2. How cute! I LOVE the little crab:)

    Hope you have a happy 4th!