Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letterboxing In Washington DC and Beyond

Letter-boxing, that is how the stamp carving started. I just love this hobby for so many reasons. I love that we often see places we never would have seen had it not been for fellow letterboxers planting wonderful boxes in those special places. I also love that I always get a little memento to bring home with me to remind me where I have been. Here are a few pics of our most recent letterboxing adventures, we made some great finds with very memorable stamps hidden inside!!
**If you do not know what letterboxing is please visit www.atlasquest.com for more information** IF you are interested in participating in this wonderful hobby and need your own signature stamp please contact me through my Etsy shop and I can set up a custom order for your signature stamp!!
Purple Heartplanted by Papa Bear

Parrot Rifles: before and after planted by flintoid  

This box was found in the Smithsonian Zoo... too cool!!
DC Zoo: Black Crowned Night Heronplanted by Melissa and Ben

This is one of those places we would not have seen had it not been for letterboxing. It was at a beautiful park called Sandy Bottom. We spent a little time there walking around and taking pictures of a beautiful lake.
Fishy  planted by The Coasties 

Three Sailsplanted by TheFabFourofWFNC

Iwo Jima D.C.planted by Troop Boxer

This little box allowed me to have a wonderful little reminder if where I had been.

Thanks to all of the letterbox planters!!

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  1. Thank you for the pic of your family finding Three Sails! We planted another while visiting that area-in Colonial Williamsburg and had a blast doing it! Happy hunting!