Monday, May 9, 2011

Back from a Wonderful Vacation, and Back to the Carving Tools! Yea!!

My family and I had a WONDERFUL vacation!! We toured Washington DC and historical Virgina!! Wow, it was amazing! I think the highlight of the vacation was spending time with my family after being separated for 6 months. I am abundantly grateful to the Lord for the amazing blessing of my family. 
 While in DC we were able to see the original Constitution of the United States!! How cool is that!!  The entire trip was a wonderful history lesson for us all... and it even counted as credit for our kids with home schooling. Can't get more hands on than our Nations Capital :-) and so much more that we were able to see!!

I was busy before I left carving some new stamps that I just listed today!! This little group of stamps were inspired by a person dear to me who is preparing to get married. I am excited to use these for bridal shower invitations, and other cards. They are just a lot of fun ;-)

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