Monday, May 21, 2012

This is Rex, and his new crochet blanket!

Let me introduce you to Rex.  Rex was my son's 7th birthday present 5 years ago but now "belongs" to my daughter. My son got tired of feeding Rex after about a year and sold him to my daughter for $20!! LOL My daughter and Rex are great buddies; he runs right along side her while she is riding her horse and will follow her anywhere. One day my daughter was going for a swim with her horse in a pond (which I just love to watch) and Rex would not leave her side. He was completely exhausted but continued to follow her into the pond. I watched in disbelief as his head starting going under, he was so fatigued but he would not get out of the pond unless my daughter was out. I have never seen such a loyal dog. Needless to say, my daughter did leave the pond and loyal Rex got lots of love from her, as he does every day.

I thought Rex needed a really nice cover for the new dog bed we got him a few weeks back. Of course, it needed to be crocheted :)

Rex loves his new blanket!! :0)

Just in case you are wondering, Rex is a mixed breed dog. His mom was German Shepherd  and there is no telling what dad was :)

Also, still working on the table runner....


  1. My thought is that there is some beagle in there somewhere :). Love that bed, especially the pawprint!

  2. Love the bed...perfect for such a loyal friend:)

  3. What a beautiful and loyal friend your daughter has! And he deserved that cute blanket. The paw applique is super cute.