Friday, May 4, 2012

A crochet top and date night

I made this adorable little crochet halter top a while back and recently had the opportunity to wear it out on the town. My husband and I had one of our wonderful date nights, we went out to eat at a new restaurant in the area called My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. The food was great! We were even entertained by the waiters and waitresses breaking out in Greek dance while fire was blown from the mouths of other waiters and it all ended with the crashing of plates as they were thrown onto the floor. It was so cool!

 I got the pattern for this top from Patons Designer Series, it is actually the same top that is featured on the cover but I added several more rows onto the bottom (did not want my belly button to show, lol) and unlike the cover, I did wear an undershirt :) I used a variegated brown for the bottom portion and a matching solid brown for the top. I did use Patons brand yarn for this project.

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  1. Very cute! The restaurant sounds like a lot of fun, too.