Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few new custom hand carved rubber stamps, take a look :)

I am LOVING carving these custom orders!! They are sooo much fun to do. The first picture is of a design I already had in my shop but with a name added to the bottom.

These next few pictures are of a stamp that  is for a fellow letterboxer; this will be their signature stamp. I was sent a drawing of the design and made a stamp from that drawing... I had a lot of fun carving this stamp! The first pic is the drawing

Ya'all know I love comments :)


  1. You are so skilled. I love how your wood backing is cut in flowing curves, following the outline of the carved stamp. That's a very nice touch.

  2. Thanks Lone R :) I see you are a fellow letterboxer! The tree door on your blog is so neat!

  3. You are amazing! Loving the lady at the laptop ~ super cute!