Saturday, June 2, 2012

One down, several to go, crochet jewelry I hope to make

I made this board on Pinterest the other night with crochet jewelry I have found on the web that I hope to make. I did not mean to make it a challenge for my self, but it has become one. One way to motivate myself to do more than just look at pretty pictures and dream of someday making things I like is to give myself a challenge. I have challenged myself to make (or at least try) all of these pieces that I have pinned! How fun is that! So be sure to follow along as I make my way through some pretty jewelry, challenging myself to crochet by just a picture. Leave me your comments... I need the encouragement :)

The first piece I tried was from this picture pin

Yea... my attempt was a successes :)

I made this bracelet using a light weight  yarn with some shimmer, unfortunately you can't see that too well in the pictures. I added a clear colored gem in the center of the rose instead of a pearl.
This first picture is of my work in progress

Here it is finished... I love it :)

PS... still working on my table runner, finished with row one and onto row 2!


  1. I don't suppose you remember where the pattern was? I have tried following the link from your pintrest but it only goes to a picture.

  2. There's not a pattern, I just made it up.