Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stay hydrated! Crochet Water Bottle Carry Along

This is my latest successful crochet project. I say successful because I recently made a hat that was a fail... my family did have a lot of fun with it though, I will post some very funny and silly pictures of the hat next time :) But for now, I have a success to show :) I found this great pattern for a water bottle carry along. I just added a stripe and a flower (have to have my girly accent) to the pattern. This is a great pattern and you can find it here for FREE :)


  1. I love the colors, did you use cotton, or a cotton blend? I've been tempted to make one of these. I made one from a different pattern years ago, and got disappointed because the yarn stretched out/got droopy after a month or so. Do you think you might run into the same problem?

  2. I wanted to use my bottle holder a few times before I responded. I used 100 % cotton, and yes it did stretch :( It is still very usable and I still love it but I think next time I will make it too small so when it does stretch it will be just right :)