Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sew busy :-)

I have spent a lot of time on this recent project of mine. I actually did this one for myself... kind of based on necessity. I searched the local stores for spring/summer  pj's that are cute but not revealing. I do like to look cute :-) for my husband of 17 years... but I do have kids. So, the see-through little nighties and the super short shorts  that are so popular in the stores are not on option for me... not that they would be anyway. I just wanted something that I can walk around my home in that would cause my husband to smile when he looks at me yet not gross my children out :-) You think this would be an easy find, after all I do live in an area with a mall... but nooooo it was either sexy or muumuu! :-) I then went on line to see what I could find, and there are some cute pj's available but I am not willing  to spend over $70 on something to sleep in.  I thought, hmmmm I could make some and it would be much cheaper! The thing is, I do not enjoy sewing. I can sew, I am pretty good at sewing, I just do not like it all that much. But.... I do want to look cute :-) So, I found some great fabric at Hobby Lobby and started sewing. Even though I grumbled about how I dislike sewing the entire time I made these pj's I do like the results!

I do not understand why some of my pictures turn sideways? I do not see a way to turn them on the blog either.... sorry


  1. Very cute! You should sell those in your shop!

    By the way, I recently purchased a stork stamp from you on etsy and it turned out adorable! I'm following you now on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'.

    I blog as well: http://www.stylish3.com/marylane

    I write about fashion and finding designer looks for less. Check it out if you have time!

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks Mary! I did look at your blog... it really is a lot of fun :-) I love great deals, and I like pretty things too :-)
    I am so glad you like your stamp and glad you came to visit my blog:-)