Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crochet Easter bunny with Basket

I made this little yellow bunny by altering this adorable amigurumi pattern that I found here

What I did was leave off the eyes, elongated the body by 3 rows, added a few rows to the feet, made the arms and legs longer,  and instead of having a plain chain stitch for the arms and legs I just went up the side in a sc. Then, for the crinkle effect of the arms I left a long tail at the hands and after I stitched it up I ran the tail through the arm up to the top and pulled a little to gather. I then used that same tail to attach the arm to the body. Sounds pretty easy, right? :-)
It actually was pretty simple, the area that I spent unfortunate hours on was hand stitching the eyes and face. I am afraid I am not the best at this. I first tried to avoid this all together by attaching safety eyes to the bunny, but I did not like the way it looked, so off they went. Then I began to stitch.... and tear, and stitch, and tear, and after several times of this I think I got it OK. I started on the nose and mouth. You would not believe how many faces this bunny had!! :-) I wish I would have taken pictures of the "fails" as my daughter would call it. I finally just went the simple route, and it looked the best... believe me :-)

I think I will post it for sale on etsy later today and see what happens. I have sold a few amigurumi toys, so I will see how it goes.