Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My fun little Cricut

I have been spending a little more time playing... when I say a little I mean it. My time has been so limited... so much I want to do! I have ideas just running through my head :-) I have stamps, crochet ideas, and now this Cricut... So, I made this love letter for my husband. I learned a lot making this card. First, it does matter what kind of adhesive you use. I tried a high quality water based glue that when dried made my card hard and non flexible, I was pretty sad :-(  I looked around different sites and did a little reading about glue. I now have some new adhesive that I am going to try next time. Over all I like the way the card turned out, I like the diagonal pattern and the illusion I created with it, and I think my husband will like that I wrote him a love letter ;-)

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