Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great feedback!!

I am soooo happy!! I received the nicest and most encouraging feedback from a lady I carved several custom stamps for.
This is what she said:
For custom work, I must say, phenomenal! just phenomenal !! Gettinghooked made my banner bunny and branch and flowers into stamps!! They are SO great to use - they are not on unwieldy blocks either -they are on HAND SHAPED hand carved wooden pieces that fit both the shape of the stamp, but fit your hand and finger tips!! LOVELY TO USE!!!! they feel like one is painting rather than stamping (sounds strange but it is SO WONDERFUL TO USE!@!!) they are SUPERIOR !! I cannot shout loud enough about the EXCELLENT workmanship, quality, artistry, professionalism and friendly customer service. A++++ - you CANNOT go wrong with a purchase from gettinghooked - this is my SECOND custom order! SUPERIOR! Thank you so very much!!!

How neat is that? !! :-)
Here are pictures of the stamps I made for her

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